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Often when I am counseling my patients I feel like a broken record. It seems like I am constantly catch myself making the same basic recommendations over and over. Don’t get me wrong — these suggestions are important! However, I thought would not it be great if I just came up with a summary of all these super-duper awesome recommendations and compiled them in a list for my patients. And smarty pants Plano did just that. Therefore, below are some of what I consider my top tips for weight loss. The goal is in future blogs to elaborate on each of the topics. I plan to go into the details of just why they really are so freakin’ important.

Amy’s Tips for Weight loss


Want great results? Weigh and measure your food for at least 14 days. You can find inexpensive food scales (I am talking under 10 bucks!), measuring cups and measuring spoons at Target, Walmart and Amazon.The scale does not need to be fancy! It just need to get the job done!


Want the BEST results? Track your food. Religiously like it is your job. You can use any program you want (MyFitness Pal, Sparkpeople, Lose It – heck even just a cute little notebook) as long as you log every morsel (extra spoonful of peanut butter I am talking to you!) you put into that pretty little mouth of yours. And I do mean EVERYTHING!


weight loss tips

What gets measured get managed.


You can consume unlimited amounts of veggies. The only veggies that are not unlimited are peas, corn, potatoes and butternut squash. Most of all – NO need to weigh your veggies.


If you purchase canned products such as tuna, chicken or vegetables please give them a good rinse by running them under cold water to remove the excess salt. 


Season away! You don’t have to eat your food plain. Please feel free to ‘doctor’ it up with spices, herbs, flavored vinegars and low-sodium stocks.


Be mindful of any sauce (BBQ, teriyaki, soy sauce, ketchup) as many have significant amounts sugar, sodium and sugar.


Always do your best to purchase reduced sodium and/or low sodium deli meats. While they are often more expensive – they are MUCH lower in salt and better for your overall health.


Drink Up! Drink half your weight in ounces. For example if you weigh 200 pounds you want to shoot for about 100 ounces per day. Cheers!

weight loss tips

Make it pretty. It will taste better!


If you can afford it – always try to purchase Cage Free Organic Eggs. They are free of hormones and high in Omega 3’s which are a heart healthy fat.

weight loss tips


Got Caffeine? Do your best to limit what you put in your coffee. Sugar, honey,  agave, cream and milk all add extra calories and  carbohydrates.


Try like heck to get in your 10,000 steps per day!



I hope you find these tips for weight loss helpful!


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